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  • Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP)

    Orchestrate your most important resources to automate business processes and data flows on security, training, and health and safety.
  • Contractor Management

    Protect your workplace by ensuring your contract workers are properly prepared, trained, and verified.
  • Prepared People

    Keep your people safe and protected from harm so they go home from work in the same condition as when they arrived.
  • Safe Workplaces

    Ensure compliance and safety across your organization by reducing risk and uncertainty.

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  • Connected Assets

    Manage your assets across every workplace to track maintenance and safe working order, as well as ensure use by only those workers who are properly trained and certified.
  • Accessible Information

    Digitally manage information on your workers, skills, training, certifications, and licensing in one central location to eliminate risky manual processes.
  • COVID Management

    Minimize COVID risk with our complete solution that tracks and manages temperatures, contact tracing, and vaccination status on all workers.