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Solo - Worker Safety & Monitoring IoT Solution

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Keep Lone Workers Connected and Protected

Is your workforce comprised of contractors and employees who work alone or in hard-to-reach places? Damstra Solo helps you protect lone workers in the field so you can have two-way communications and alerts if there are accidents or mishaps. It also lets workers feel more secure by allowing them to instantly connect with you.

No matter where your workers are, Solo locates, protects, and connects them to creates a safer and more productive working environment. Using mobile and wearable Galaxy and iPhone smartwatch technology, Solo is built for rugged environments and provides real-time alerts if collisions, falls, or dangerous situations happen with your workers. It keeps you and your workers connected so that they are never alone and provides GPS visibility into the location and status of your extended workforce.

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Solo also provides geofencing zones, biometrics, check-ins, panic alerts, and fall and collision detection to keep your lone workers safe in all situations. Biometrics monitoring offers health insights on your workers including active heartrate monitoring, detecting active/inactive metrics and real-time alerts if a worker overstays the activity or misses a check in.

Solo is a module within Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) that helps keep your workers safe, connected, and protected at all times.

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  • Advanced fall/emergency detection
  • Biometrics monitoring
  • Check-ins and location reporting
  • Duress and panic alarms
  • GPS location tracking
  • Geofencing and group messaging
  • Health monitoring
  • Vehicle and driver monitoring
  • Collision detection
  • Biometrics monitoring

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  • Create a safer work environment for contractors and employees
  • Stay continuously alerted on your workers' health with constant trending and biometrics benchmarking
  • Monitor and track driving behavior for safer driver outcomes
  • Leverage advanced algorithms that detect up to 22 types of falls
  • Keep lone workers safe with continuous monitoring for slips, trips, and falls
  • Ensure worker safety with a rapid response to emergencies
  • Communicate directly across sites and teams

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