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Asset Management

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Maximize Equipment Life and Promote Worker Safety

Deploy Damstra’s Asset Management solution or integrate with your own so you can ensure that only safe and compliant individuals are using the equipment they are trained to operate. This module lets you tracks assets, plant service/maintenance, and equipment calibration schedules so you can ensure your equipment is always working properly and is well maintained to promote workplace safety.

Asset Management helps you make better informed decisions about your asset needs and allocations. Not only does its advanced tracking and reporting capabilities help ensure your equipment is in top working order at all times, but it also mitigates risk by promoting their safety in operating well-maintained equipment.

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From procurement to disposal, Asset Management helps enhance the life of all your equipment and capital investments. With all your data in one central location, it helps you make informed decisions about asset needs, allocations, servicing, inventory, and more.

Asset Management is a foundational module within Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) that helps keep your workers safe and sites running smoothly without equipment disruption.

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  • Asset mobilization
  • Asset tracking
  • Warranty tracking
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Timesheet recording
  • Predictive maintenance scheduling
  • Maintenance planning
  • Fault notification (job requests)
  • GPS asset tracking
  • Equipment calibration monitoring
  • Shutdown planning

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  • Build dynamic asset relationships
  • Track assets to people, locations, and related assets
  • Reduce the overall cost of maintaining equipment with predictive servicing
  • Track and log equipment usage and hours
  • Define the scheduling frequency for each asset and include detailed maintenance tasks
  • Manage assets from anywhere on any device
  • Reduce operational downtime and increase asset life
  • Improve forecasting and ensure parts availability for minimum downtime
  • Mitigate risk with better maintained equipment and compliant-only asset users/operators

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